EX Plastic Injection Mould Co.,Ltd. - Produits


China Plastic Auto Lamp Mold Maker: Plastic Auto Lamp Injection Mold made of hot work tool steel, used for making auto lamp, 3,000,000 shots service life


China Plastic Shopping Basket Mold Making Company: Plastic Shopping Basket Injection Mold made of stainless steel, LKM mold base, single cavity


China Plastic Fan Injection Mold Manufacturer: Plastic Fan Mold made of stainless steel, Sand Blast Surface, mainly used for manufacturing fan


China Plastic Tape Dispenser Injection Mold Making Factory: Plastic Tape Dispenser Mold made of stainless steel, single cavity, electroplated surface


China Plastic Nylon Clip Injection Mold Maker: Plastic Nylon Clip Mold made of die steel, polished surface, single cavity, used for making nylon clip